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Instructeur bilingue. Cours en anglais.

Act or write… now!

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  • **Please note that, due to the ongoing COVID pandemic, all in-studio Acting classes are currently on hold. Online classes for Acting and Writing are available. We will be happy to continue responding to all email enquiries. Thank you.**

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  • See below for our Curriculum Packages**Screen Shot 2020-08-13 at 8.40.18 PM

  • Special Class: Foundations in Acting (6 weeks online, one 2-hr. class per week) $300 + tax

  • The focus of this online course is to learn basic acting techniques while engaging in play and performance work in a fun, collaborative setting. We'll explore the world of the actor, with regard to improving expression skills, with consideration to the film and theatre industry in Montreal, Canada, the US and elsewhere. Interactive exercises will be fun and engaging, providing students with challenges and feedback to better self-expression and confidence.


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  • Intro to Acting (6 weeks, one 2.5-hr. class per week) $450 + tax

  • The focus of this course is comfort in expression. Learn basic acting techniques while engaging in play and performance work in an ensemble setting. We start with the basics of movement, voice, and acting, with every step leading towards a freer ability to express oneself, and towards easing shyness and performance anxiety. Conservatory style acting exercises (Stanislavski, Boal, Meisner, Method, Alexander, Linklater, Johnstone, others) are condensed into a fun and challenging course.

  • *Completion prerequisite for Intermediate Acting


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  • Intermediate Acting (6 weeks, one 2.5-hr. class per week) $450 + tax

  • Having completed the Intro class, students delve into the physical and vocal realm of character building, along with improving their performance skills and confidence.

  • Using the “3 CHAs” as a guideline (Charisma, Character, Chance), further monologue and scene work encourages strong choices both in character development and in scene partnership. Competition, pursuing action, territory, and core body work are all investigated thoroughly, allowing the actor to bring the character into themselves, with a compelling result.

  • *Completion prerequisite for Advanced Acting for Camera.


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  • Advanced Acting for Camera (8 weeks, one 2.5-hr. class per week) $560 + tax

  • Here the emotional challenges of the actor are explored, with a focus on acting from the heart. Professional actors and/or those who have completed the Intermediate class are eligible. Students are expected to engage in compelling work on camera... both on a personal and on a performance level. Students will learn invaluable techniques in acting for camera, while acquiring first-hand experience in film production itself. All the while they will be learning, as artists, how to attain an honest, compelling performance that avoids formulas. Students learn to work from the heart, rather than from a list of conventions. Essentially, students will learn how to act. Challenging scenes from contemporary film and television will be examined and performed.


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  • **Complete Curriculum Package (all three sessions: Intro, Intermediate, Advanced—consecutive, or staggered) $1200 + taxª

  • ª$1460 + tax if taken individually, package sessions subject to class availability, full payment required in advance

  • **Partial Curriculum Package (two sessions: Intermediate & Advanced—consecutive, or staggered) $860 + taxª

  • ª$1010 + tax if taken individually, package sessions subject to class availability, full payment required in advance

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  • Audition Workshop (8 weeks, one 2.5-hr. class/week) $450/$400 (for previous I.O. Acting and Creative Studio students) + tax

  • Montreal has a burgeoning film/television industry, both independent and mainstream—and your ticket in is the audition. Do you know how to audition? Need prep, or improvement? Want to know what materials you need to acquire an agent? A six-week session on how to audition for stage and screen, the I.O. Acting Studio Audition Prep Workshop will look at everything from "party piece" texts, to slating, to monologues, to on-camera film/TV scenes. Learn how to be wonderful in auditions, to sharpen your acting skills, and how to grow and thrive in-between gigs. Personalized attention, on-camera work, and constructive feedback that will make you a better performer under pressure—for newbies, amateurs and professionals, of all ages. Limited space.


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  • Intro to Writing: Fiction for Page, Stage and Screen (8 weeks, one 2.5-hr. class per week) $360 + tax

  • An online, introductory course for those with little-to-no writing experience, who are interested in learning how to create fiction in the form of film scripts, stories/novels, and plays. Participate from anywhere in the world! We’ll work on basic creative writing skills in order to develop a passion for writing. Topics include form specifics, story arc & plot, character & action, point-of-view, description & setting, voice & dialogue, theme, and formatting/style for each form. A fun and diverse array of writing exercises, Zoom discussions, workshopping, and teacher instruction will take place every class.


  • Teacher: Adam Kelly Morton (writing bio and info)

WP Oct 2020

  • Intermediate Writing: Making It Happen (8 weeks, one 2.5-hr. class per week) $360 + tax

  • An online intermediate course for those who have taken the Intro to Writing class—or who have some writing experience—who wish to get started on a new writing project, or who wish to make some headway on an existing script (prose, play or screenplay). We’ll work on furthering creative writing skills in order to foster our passion for writing. Topics include good writing habits, giving/receiving feedback (on story arc & plot, character & action, point-of-view, description & setting, voice & dialogue, and/or theme) and how to edit and polish your work. Round-table discussions, workshopping, teacher instruction, and fun writing exercises will take place every class. Some writing outside of class will be required, allowing students to make the most of their experience.

  • NEXT ONLINE SESSION: Thursday, December 3rd, 8:30-11pm

  • Teacher: Adam Kelly Morton (writing bio and info)

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  • OTHER GROUP CLASSES (offered periodically)

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  • Master Classes/Comedy/Screenwriting/Audition/Industry

  • Where students and professional actors come together to engage in challenging scenes on-camera. Specific approaches to comedy, screenwriting, and industry business will be explored. Great opportunities for working with new people, networking, and most importantly: on-camera acting practice. The focus is on film scene-work, but audition materials can be brought in, as well as scenes written by the participants themselves. Industry professionals, special guests, regular audition practice, on-camera scene-work from great films, and rapid improvement are all to be expected from these sessions. Learn about the business of acting, including: agents, demo reels (with footage available from class), headshots (including photographer contacts), casting, sides, unions, set protocol, and much more. Vital classes for professionals and actors-to-be.

  • IMG_0888 intro class jan 2013

  • COMEDY!: What do Aristophanes, Shakespeare, Monty Python, and Saturday Night Live all have in common? You guessed it: genitals. Beginning with a survey of comedy (we’ll cover 3000 years in 30 minutes) this class is designed to make you funnier, with a look at as many forms of comedy as we can practice; sketch, stand-up, situational, dark, witty, political, slapstick, cheap, and vulgar will all be examined and experienced, in one way or another. Limited space.

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  • Special Topic/Scene Project

  • Offered periodically: special topics for students who have completed the Advanced Class, or for those with requisite interest/experience. Included is a Scene Project where participants create scenes from start to finish, with scenes written specifically for them. Other topics include continued film and television scene-work, career-orientation workshops, writing classes for stage and screen, and more.

  • Special topic: FILM/TV ACTING FOR FANTASY AND SCI-FI (6-weeks, one 3-hr. class/week)

  • Love Game of Thrones? Star Trek? Lord of the Rings? Star Wars? Whether or not you enjoy it, Fantasy/Sci-Fi has become one of the most pervasive genres in mainstream television and film. And while Fantasy/Sci-Fi can be an enormously fun and compelling to watch, it is usually a daunting prospect for an actor. Learn how to approach these challenging scenes, both as a writer and as a performer. With intensive work on-camera, ensemble play, and a chance to act with some classic Fantasy/Sci-Fi film & TV scripts, this special course promises to be fantastically fun!

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  • Past Film Projects

  • The culmination of all the hard work: students acted in professionally produced films. Written specifically for the participants (which included veteran actors) these films were shot by an industry crew, edited, and distributed to festivals. 6-8 weeks of intensive character development and pre-production were followed by a professional shoot. IMDB accreditation, screen/internet film visibility and the experience of being involved in an actual film were all provided.

  • Our first Film Project, Communication Policy, was an Official Selection of the Rome International Film Festival and at the Moving Image Film Festival, Toronto.

  • Our second project, Foreign Language was an Official Selection at the SoHo NYC, and the Rochester International Film Festivals—where it was selected as one of the best films of 2013. It also won Fan Favourite at the NDG Off The Wall Film Festival in Montreal.

  • Our first feature-length project Bridges Over Montreal was completed in early 2013. An edited section of the film, Adiel & Didier, was an Official Selection of the Beloit International Film Festival.

  • Film projects are currently on hiatus, but stay tuned for updates.

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