I.O. Acting Studio


I.O. Acting Studio
(office, by appointment only)
2151 Marcil Avenue
N.D.G. (Montreal) Quebec
H4A 2Z2

(514) 501-3232


Professeur bilingue. Cours en anglais.

Act... Now!

Referral/Joint Discount: $150 off (or $75 each) when you register with a friend!


Whether you are looking for
-one-on-one acting coaching
-a self-tape for audition/e-pitch
-greater facility with business presentations
-improved writing skills for film/stage/page
-copyediting or writing (fiction or non-fiction)

I.O. Acting Studio provides a wide range of services!


One-on-One Consultation/Coaching
Includes on-camera coaching, acting for film and/or theatre, audition prep,
business presentation skills, ease-of-expression, basic teaching, voice, etc.
We’ve helped clients to prepare and succeed, and have enabled students
to gain admission to such prestigious drama schools as...
The National Theatre School of Canada, Actor’s Studio NYC, Circle in the Square NYC, Emerson College Boston,
University of Essex UK, York University, George Brown, Randolph Academy, Concordia University, and others!

Some rates are negotiable—please enquire.
Base rate: $100/hr

Weekday coaching rates (add $30 for evenings)
1 90min. session: $125
3 90min. sessions: $350
5 90min. sessions: $550

For existing I.O. Acting Studio students:
$60 for 1 hour/$80 for 90min.

On-set/contracted film coaching:

Corporate rate (group, negotiable):
1 2hr. session $200/participant
3 2hr. sessions $150/participant
5 2hr. sessions $100/participant

Shoot with coaching & reader (max. 1hr.),
edit, conversion/correction and upload (Vimeo, WeTransfer, etc.):
With travel (Montreal area):
For existing I.O. Acting Studio students:

Demo creation
Basic: shoot w/scene partner, direction, edit, upload (Vimeo, Youtube, etc.)
$50/hour, 4-6 hours, $200-300 (one scene, each additional scene add $100)

Professional: shoot w/scene partner, location, cinematographer, crew,
direction, edit, upload (Vimeo, Youtube, etc.)
$75/hour, 5-7 hours, $375-450 (one scene, each additional scene add $200)

Writing, writing teaching, script consultation
On a per client/project basis
Base copyediting rate:
Please enquire.

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