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"This has been such a great experience. Whether you’re looking to get into acting, becoming better at self-expression or just looking for a new challenge this class has something for you. Adam is not just a very talented actor with an impressive resume, most importantly he is an extraordinary teacher. Not matter who you are, what age, what background you will find your place here. So enjoy!!!"
Mark-Andre Martel, 2022

"I highly recommend this school for anyone interested in acting, wanting to work on self expression or help ease social shyness and anxiety.
I really enjoyed his courses and made me appreciate the art so much more. Adam did a great job at always keeping things interesting. A true master at his craft."
Daniel Torelli, 2022

"Adam is a great instructor, he’s passionate about the art of acting and is willing to pass this passion on.. the course has a variety of exercises that help elevating and improving the acting tools & skills of the students taking the I.O courses.. i took the beginner & intermediate class and i enjoyed them enormously.. i’m excited to take the advanced class, and would recommend I.O Acting Creative Studio!"
-AD Sag, 2022

"Overall, I really enjoyed Adam’s classes. Not only because I’ve learned so much about the craft, but also because each of the three phases were unique and different in their own ways, and each of them touched on different facets of acting. The way Adam structured the Introductory Acting classes was particularly effective in conveying the idea that it all starts with the basics and fundamentals, like breathing and grounding, letting go of one’s VTs and not getting locked into one’s habits and rhythmic patterns. I also very much appreciated the Intermediate Acting classes because they focused more on character building, and Adam let us play around with different types of characters and a wide range of accents. Last but certainly not least, the Advanced Acting classes taught me a lot about both how to approach and tap into emotions and feelings in a scene, as well as how to work with the camera focused on one’s face. Despite the shortened time together in person due to the disruption caused by the pandemic, I still learned a lot when we resumed our classes via zoom because even though we were not together in person, we were still acting on camera. That being said, I’d honestly recommend Adam’s classes to anyone because I think everyone can benefit from taking Adam’s classes, regardless of wherever they may be in their acting career. Simply put, I wouldn’t have known the importance of the five Ws, knowing one’s goal in every scene and the idea of “less is more” when giving a performance in a way that is natural and organic if I hadn’t taken Adam’s classes."
-Subhan Aref, 2021

"I went to Adam at I.O Acting Studio as a singer with absolutely no experience in acting and a bit of a rusty English accent. The classes greatly pushed me out of my comfort zone and opened up a new part of my personality. With Adam’s guidance and additional one on one coaching, I landed an audition in NYC which eventually led me to be recommended for work in the UK with the top casting/production agency for the finest shows at sea. I’ve been traveling the world for 4 years as a cast singer for Holland America Line and luxurious Seabourn Cruises, performing in award-wining shows such as “An Evening With Sir Tim Rice”.
Remember, the difference between where you are and where you want to be is to make that decision and take action!!"
-Karine Ste. Marie, 2020

"I could go on and on about how I felt during this class. There is this safe environment with amazing people and teacher. It's important to feel comfortable when you are opening yourself to your vulnerabilities and this is a perfect place to do so. Adam (the teacher) helped me in so many different ways; not only as actor, but in life in general and, therefore, I will always be grateful for that. Don't be afraid to try it, to come watch the magic in action and talk to people. You won't be disappointed."
-Joey MacIntosh, 2020


"I have trained in Toronto, New York, and Los Angeles, and so it was very lucky for me to have found one of the best acting teachers I have ever come across, right here in Montreal.
The students come from many different levels of experience and pursue the classes for different reasons, but by the end of his classes, you see this consistency emerge with how they approach the material and how they handle themselves on camera or on stage. It's pretty amazing.
I have had too many acting classes where it seems like the teacher is simply giving feedback based on whatever pops into the teacher's head after watching the work. This is frustrating because you finish the class with no direction or any clear idea of how to approach future auditions or material.
Adam teaches a similar approach to Yale and York and the great teachers like Uta Hagen, Meisner, and Stella Adler. They are all a little different, yet all rooted in the same general tenets, and Adam does an amazing job of keeping the teaching on that steady course. Also, he is not at all pretentious: He knows when to be firm and keep you focused, but also makes the class enjoyable and safe and it becomes a warm place to look forward to. Thank you Adam!"
-Marc Daniel, 2019

"Adam is an amazing guy to work with. He is able to push you and asks questions to help you reach your own conclusions. He gives solid advice and never forces you to do anything if you don't agree with the choice. I worked with him for Graduate Acting auditions and I owe Adam a lot of thanks as I was accepted into The Actors Studio MFA program at Pace University in New York!!!!! I can't thank him enough and strongly encourage aspiring actors to work with him for audition prep, and I'm sure any of his other classes!"
-Andrew Young, 2019

"I've taken four - yes four - of Adam's classes so far because I simply can't get enough. That's not because he's sugary sweet and tells me exactly what I want to hear either. In fact, it's generally the opposite. I probably heard "That was a clean take" more than I ever have in my entire life, and it wasn't a compliment. Adam won't bullshit you into thinking you're hot stuff. He'll push you to have fun like you're a child again (not as easy as it sounds), to connect with your breath before you even begin to think about emotion, and — when it's time for emotions to come in — he'll find new ways to get you to tap into yours. He'll even point out a few quirks you've never noticed before. . . To what end, you ask? Well, that's for you to find out! Adam is a fantastic teacher, writer, director, and mentor. How often do you get that combo? I reckon it's pretty rare.
Honestly, if you don't take his classes, and I mean all of them, you're missing out. I didn't know I was missing anything when I started, but I can tell you now that I was missing confidence and trust in my abilities as an actress. Sure, I have a lot of growth ahead of me, but it's so nice to have some direction, courtesy of I.O. Acting Studio. In such a short time, Adam forged a safe space for self-exploration and acting mastery. I've grown so fond of these weekly sessions and all my acting peeps. A million thanks, Adam! Keep 'em coming!"
-Sadie Lovemore, 2019


"Great acting classes for adults! Good atmosphere. Easy to be at ease quickly with everyone and to perform smoothly. I have a blast every single time I attend an acting class there! Very interesting fiction writing classes given there too... Lots of fun! Great teacher! Free spirited people. Good times! So refreshing!"
-Ingrid Hardy, 2018

"Adam is the best teacher ever!! He is genuinly caring for his students and push them to give the best of them. If you're thinking on taking acting classes, just do it you will not regret it ! It's the best thing Ive done so far!!!"
Karla Seres, 2018

“I took the Intro, Intermediate and Advanced Acting classes and enjoyed every class. The experience has been fun, engaging, and challenging. The people I've met in class are wonderful. Adam is a great teacher; he injects humour and honesty into the lessons and exercises. He's really good at providing specific challenges and feedback to students in the class. The skill-building exercises in these classes are also good for other aspects in life (e.g. interviews, professionalism). I couldn't have asked for a better glimpse into the acting profession. I would definitely recommend these classes to anyone interested in learning more about acting.”
-Katheryn Kästner, 2018

“Adam is a charming and perspicacious teacher. I am so grateful for what I have learned from him, as it has helped me feel more comfortable with myself and accept who I am. I highly recommend working with him to anyone seeking to step outside of their comfort zone and explore their individuality!”
-Clark Bray, 2018

“Going to Class was the best part of the day, It was a great experience a great pleasure to learn from Adam, all Techniques are fun and daring, it was a constructively challenging which drives you to be the best version of you and learn in a fun way how to express yourself.”
Wafaa Latif, 2018

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“Adam is one of the best teachers I've ever had! I highly recommend I.O. acting studio”
-Brad Aeon, 2018

"I’ve taken the intro, intermediate, advanced and audition workshop and I’m happy I did. Each class was fun and instructive.
I was always interested in acting, but fear was stopping me. However, since I’ve taken classes with the I.O acting studio, I’m more confident. I highly recommend you taking a class."
-Elizabeth Doye, 2018

“I've taken several classes now with Adam in the I.O. Acting Studio and I fully recommend attending this place. These acting classes have not only allowed me to develop some excellent acting skills, they've allowed me to grow more as a person and to see myself with greater clarity. Learning how to connect myself to a character, being in situations and using words that might not have been my own first choice, has allowed me to see and understand myself with greater accuracy (through seeing how I am similar and how I am different from these characters I take on). This knowledge has done me a great service beyond the sphere of performing arts. On a further note, the acting skills have also definitely increased my confidence going into public speaking moments, storytelling, and in listening to and responding to others. Overall, an excellent experience and I can't recommend Adam highly enough as a teacher, as his enthusiasm in teaching this material and his interest in his students truly shines through. A+!”
-SJ Vriend, 2017

“I took IO Acting Studio’s three main courses from beginner to advanced within a 12 month period and it was some of the best money I’ve ever spent in my life. Adam has a fun, intuitive approach and a solid understanding of what makes great acting. He teaches some of the secrets an actor would need in order to be among the top small percentage of professionals who truly act from the heart. Time & money well spent for anyone in the business! These courses will undoubtedly help you to be a better actor, and quite probably a better person too. A once-in-a-lifetime experience of fun, learning, self-awareness, confidence building (also helps for job interviews, public speaking), and seriously deep performance art. Pay attention, take notes, keep an open heart and mind, and of course, leave your ego at the door. Thank you!! Looking forward to taking another course again soon.”
-Gina Louise, 2017

“Adam is a teacher who knows how to handle the discipline of a classroom. He's a good listener and he takes what he does seriously. He has a good social media presence. Through the script that he shared in the beginner and intermediate classes, we've dealt with profound themes such as childhood, the importance of writing and relationships. Most of the themes appealed to everyone.
On a personal level, I've learned that my light that was inside of me was worth to be seen. I was a star in the middle of darkness. I learned to embrace my uniqueness and to have the courage to display the infinite potential that was inside of me. I have begun anew, I have discovered myself, I have become someone.”
-David Gallipeau, 2017

“I’ve always been a little timid, and typically avoided speaking my mind in certain situations. Taking this class has taught me to do the complete opposite. It’s allowed me to be much more in-tune with myself, and it has helped improve how I communicate with others. Adam goes through a series of engaging and challenging exercises to help expose different parts of our personality to help us better communicate. I would highly recommend this class for anyone. And even if your aspiration is not acting, you will benefit greatly from the lessons.”
Jonathan Rinaldi, 2017

“I learned a lot from my experience with IO acting studio. The classes were not only educational, but a lot of fun too. I met and befriended many people, and I also learned invaluable acting techniques that have stuck with me for a long time after I completed the course. This studio will instill a strong sense of the acting fundamentals you will need if you plan on pursuing acting as a career.
Adam is a great teacher, and a great person in general. He's the kind of person that will go the extra mile to help you understand a concept, and he still helps me to this day, despite me having completed his classes nearly 5 years ago. I cannot recommend his courses enough. Sign up today!”

-Caelean Vieira, 2017

“I took both the beginner and intermediate class and It was very constructive and fun.B e ready to get out of your bubble and express yourself!
Adam is an honest, fun and great Teacher. I recommend this class to anybody and i'm looking forward to the advanced classes!”
Aniss Gamassi, 2016

“I recently completed the intermediate course, having taken the beginner classes before. This has been a very positive experience for me. The people in my class came from all walks of life and had various reasons for being there - (not all have acting ambitions)
I've come away from it with a greater self-awareness, feeling more in control and looking forward to a further exploration of my creative side with plenty of laughs along the way in the advanced class. Adam did a wonderful job of keeping each class fresh, engaging, interesting and fun. He gives tailored, relevant feedback and cares enough to make you do multiple takes until he brings out the best in you. Everyone should take an acting class. It's not just about learning to act. It's about the study of people, it's about learning to be a better listener, a better speaker, being present in the moment and with the people around you. You'll come away with some firm friends in the process. Thanks Adam!”
-Ronan Devaney, 2016


“I took Adam's beginner and intermediate acting class, and what an experience it was! Let me start by saying I am an English language teacher and I originally took the class to diversify my skill set and try something new. I never expected to have so much fun and enjoy acting as much as I did. Every week I would look forward to going to class because I knew each class would be interesting, fun, and challenging. Adam is an amazing teacher who provides constructive and honest feedback. He knew when to push us and how to bring out the best in us. Regardless of where you’re coming from, Adam will teach you something you didn't know about yourself and how to tap into that knowledge to become more aware, confident, and in control of your body and how you express yourself.
I would definitely recommend his classes to anyone and everyone! I got a lot out of his classes and I'm not even interested in becoming an actor. The school where I work immediately noticed a change in my presentation and teaching style. Furthermore, I even started to receive more positive feedback from the students taking my classes.
Thanks again Adam!”
-Ross Srey, 2016

“As a singer, you need to know how to express all sorts of emotions when you sing a song but also in front of the camera when shooting videos. Only 3 months in my acting classes at I.O. Acting Studio and the people on my team (vocal coach, stylist, music label's CEO, label mates,...) have seen a significant improvement in the way I perform my songs. I've always been an outgoing type of person but now, I feel like a whole new set of emotions have been unlocked. I'm a lot more connected to myself and am very excited to follow the Adanced Acting Class.
I totally recommend you to follow these acting classes even if you are not aspiring to become an actor. Do it for the thrill!”
-Aishah F, 2016

“I took the introductory, intermediate, advanced and audition workshop classes at I.O. Acting Studio between fall of 2014 and summer 2015 and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Using a variety of exercises and techniques, the classes focus on helping students gain self-awareness and on providing opportunities for each person to tap into his or her powers of expression. Adam is a great instructor who gives honest, useful feedback and who creates a learning experience that is both challenging and fun.”
-Jennifer Besner, 2015

“I have just completed the 'Audition Workshop' with I.O. and Adam Kelly Morton. Since fall of 2014, I registered for 4 workshops; Intro to Acting, Intermediate, Advanced and Auditions. I highly recommend all (or any one) of the sessions. I went in wanting to explore my interest and ability, now I feel ready and confident to go out there and look for acting gigs. Great experience and a lot of fun!”
Robin Jalal, 2015

Whether you are considering pursuing acting professionally or just searching for an opportunity to explore, play, and meet great people, I definitely recommend it.
“I´ve always been the type of person to give praise where it is deserved and after taking two of Adam´s acting classes this year, it gives me great pleasure to say that his teaching methods, enthusiasm and encouragement have helped shape me in more ways than just acting. I have begun to see a new and extremely welcomed sense of confidence in myself that I had previously completely lost. Adam´s classes don´t only give you the confidence to move forward in the acting industry, but will give you a positive view on all aspects of your every day life. Whether it is in your social or professional life, he´ll pull emotions out of you that you thought you never had and help you to put these feelings into the scenes and monologues assigned. When all is said and done, you´ll thank him endlessly for what you leave with! The classes, which have just the right amount of students (that you become really close to), are insanely fun and upbeat. From the moment you walk in, you completely lose track of time and leave with a feeling of wanting more than just the three and a half hours! The exercises and group play make for such a fun environment and Adam does a great job in utilizing the time to it´s full potential. Adam´s knowledge of what acting is all about is amazing; however, it is also his advice on the industry itself that helps a lot too. To me, this was so valuable. That all being said, if you are sitting by your computer in a self debate over whether to take an acting class, my advice would be to jump right in. You've got nothing to lose and won´t regret it for a second. Especially if you stick with I.O Acting Studio!!!”
-Matthew Brandon Ruby, 2014

"Everyone should take an acting class at least once in their lifetime and I highly recommend taking that class at the IO Acting Studio. There are so many practical day-to-day uses for what you learn in an acting class. Even if you have no intention of pursuing an acting career, this is just about as much fun as you can have in a creative learning environment. If you are seeking a professional career, you'll find Adam's classes challenging and full of relevant techniques for your acting toolbox. Adam will dare you to challenge yourself but will also give you his unwavering support to help you to achieve your goal. You may start out nervous or shy but I guarantee that you'll walk away from an IO Acting class with a great sense of accomplishment and empowerment."
Erica Stante, 2014

“Taking Adam’s class was like learning to be human again. Reconnecting with emotional responses, reconnecting with spontaneity and play.... In a very forceful yet gradual and organic process Adam made us journey back to the basics: authenticity. Through laughter and play, each member of our group found his voice, took his rightful space and had a crazy amount of fun doing it.”
Anne Lebel, 2014

“I came to Adam’s acting studio to help me open up and explore my own potential. I was scared to take the plunge, but it didn’t deter me because I was eager to get to know myself better and embrace an art form that was always mysterious and fascinating to me.
Today I can say with confidence that I am glad I took his classes. In the last 9 months, his classes have been pivotal for me in “coming out of my shell”, and learning about myself. I love acting, I loved the process at I.O. Acting Studio, and if I had to do it all over again I would.”
-Jonathan Reinglas, 2013

“When you take Adam's classes, you are getting taught by someone who takes believable, award-worthy television and film performance very seriously and has enough experience and knowledge to tell you how and why it works. Adam refreshingly stays away from hammy stereotypical theater acting and encourages the type of acting that draws the audience into the story and endears it to its characters.
Using legitimate exercises taught in university programs, he will enable you to find your confidence, develop an awareness of what's going on around you and become surprisingly good at playing well with others. And if you're serious about "breaking into the business”, he'll generously give you pointers on that too.
-Raff Rosenwald, 2013

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“Great class. Highly recommended, whether you're looking to start a career in acting or just curious and craving something new, this class is a prefect choice. Adam is an amazing teacher and coach, he will teach you just as much about acting as he will about yourself. The small classes make the experience more personal and creates a fantastic environment to expand your acting skills.”
-Diandra Zara, 2013

“I.O. Acting Studio has helped me more than anyone could ever imagine. Adam has made an actor out of me in just 3 short years, when i have had no experience at all. Thank you Adam and I.O. Acting Studio. You will always be a friend to me.”
-Brian Degrace, 2013

“Hey Adam! I'm happy to report that I've already been seeing some results from this course. Remember that oral presentation I told you about? Well, it went so, so incredibly well... I was honestly the least nervous I ever was giving an oral, and for once I was able to think clearly while I spoke. And unlike during our skits, lol, I actually had good grounding and breath! I was so ecstatic afterwards.
We just got back our grades, and lo and behold, I got 15/15! I was tied for having the highest grade in the class! It's simply amazing, and I couldn't have done it without you! So thank you for teaching this course. I had lots of fun, and learned valuable lessons that I'll definitely take with me for a long time...”
Nathan Wong, McGill University 2012

Adam est vraiment un super prof, très professionel et ces cours sont vraiment l'fun à suivre.”
-Mélanie Comtois, 2012

“I would like to share with you all that I have been taking introductory acting classes with Adam Kelly Morton and his classes have helped me considerably improve my communication and expression skills which have in turn helped me in my job as a system engineer. If anyone out there is looking to improve their communication skills for work or other. I highly recommend you take Adam's intro acting classes which he has taught to a lot of professionals and people alike.”
-Jose Aviles, 2012

“Adam taught me many things in his classes, but what stands out the most is that he gave me the confidence to go out there and show the world what I had. He helped me see my strengths and my weaknesses and encouraged me to seek out happiness. I want to thank him for the time he takes to teach and push his students to trust themselves.”
-Karine Kerr, 2012

"Wanting to act professionally is a very daunting ambition, especially when one doesn't hail from a professional theatre school. I.O. Acting allowed me to bridge many gaps lacking in my skills as an actor to set me on par with theatre school graduates. Adam blends the best techniques he learned over his long academic training to prepare his students for any level of acting they might choose to pursue. Through his more advanced courses and film projects, I learned to connect to my scene partners like never before and understand my scenes much more in depth, which is key to impressing directors and casting agents. I have since performed in short films, television and stage, and signed with a well-respected Montreal agent. I have also had the chance to work with Adam beyond the confines of student/teacher on his web-series 'Montreal Hearts' and had the pleasure to perform his one man show 'The Anorak'. More importantly, Adam has become a good friend and the first person I turn to for questions about my career and acting in general. I have referred to him a numerous occasions for audition preparation, which he has helped me out with on very short notice. Having trained at many acting schools in Montreal, I can say without a doubt that I.O. Acting Studio offers the best training any aspiring or seasoned actor can follow!"
J.S. Elie, 2011

Adam’s approach helps me to understand acting with the mind, the body and the soul. What makes a scene work? He pins it down and translates the processes to the people. As he works in small classes it allows him to be responsive to all of the learners. With relentless patience Adam guides the students on their paths to find the characters’ hearts. The classes are a lot of fun. I find myself now with a little acting toolbox that I like a lot.”
-Anja Gorille, 2011

“Wanting to pursue acting as a career, Adam is a great resource. He has practical knowledge from the field, as well as the training to back it up. His teaching method is great: you are given a taste of everything to see "whatever works" for you. If you want to consider acting as a profession, or just want to have fun, the small classroom environment is great. I have taken several of Adam's courses and plan on continuing to do so. He is a great teacher, and the classes are very informative.”
-Luke Powers, 2011

I graduated from University with a BA in drama and was working as an actress in the middle east when i started taking classes with adam. I always felt that there was something missing from my training: the ability to be truthful and to create real work (a work coming from the heart, as taught in adam's class) constantly and not by mere chance. it was not only his amazing and funny way to communicate the ideas that made me understand or grasp them, but also the family-like (comfortable) atmosphere in class. I feel that the knowledge i gained gave me a better understanding of camera acting and a different perspective in which to look at characters and scenes when approaching a script. for me, the good thing was not just learning how to analyze the scenes, characters and finding the 'heart', but also putting all of this into practice behind the camera. Finally, besides learning that acting for camera is different from theatre, the course also helped me to have a better understanding of myself which would then help me become a better actor. The course is AMAZING!!!!”
-Rakeen Saad, 2011

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"Adam really knows how to tailor his instructions to suit the needs of each individual student. He provides a supportive environment where students (even beginners) can feel safe enough to explore the emotional depths necessary to deliver a compelling performance. I have definitely grown a lot as an actor thanks to his workshops."
-Mona Chanda, 2011

“After half a lifetime already spent in the arts, as a professional jazz pianist working out of London, Rome, New York and Montreal, I finally realized something was missing. Sure I could play. But there was a moment where I knew I had to take acting lessons - maybe just to relax on stage more. To get more real. To find the real me. And I have to say that Adam and his classes have helped a great deal. The feeling of these sessions is amazing. I have seen helpless laughter, crying, shouting, raving, but most important of all, highly sensitive and intelligent bonding and coaching in a very intimate setting. We all love Adam and are delighted that he goes outside 'the box'. This is excellent, amazing, dynamic acting tuition for sure, but again and again I heard myself shout out that what was ALSO going on was that we were learning a whole group of extra things - psychology, zen, philosophy, psychic things, plus so many unexpected esoteric insights - and yet at the same time laughably basic practical skills - how to be confident, how to get on with people, how to win their trust, OR, crucially with the opposite sex, how to be real, how to get a date! And how to survive a date and win! I have since told Adam that I see this vision - that in ten years time or perhaps earlier he will be in large spacious room, surrounded by not ten, but fifty or a hundred students. And I'm still not sure that this is ONLY about acting. Because something very strange is happening to the style of human relationships in this newfound cyberworld. It looks like we need Adam and the muse and the spirits that drive him - more than we know.”
-Alex Gordon, 2011

“Having absolutely no previous acting experience, I was definitely delving into the unknown taking Adam’s classes. Doing my graduate studies at McGill University in Science and generally not having the opportunity to fully express myself in an artistic manner, I thought it would be really beneficial for me to take an acting class. On a whim, I found an advertisement for I/O acting studios, and decided to take a class out of the blue. Adam taught me to first and foremost to breath and ground myself when acting – basically to be natural when delivering any sort of text. Of course Adam’s classes were intense and really focused, especially the acting for camera class, but in the end Adam created a very welcoming and laid-back environment that ultimately made many of his students return class after class. I am really excited about the prospect of starting the Master acting class, I hope that like me you will too take that plunge and see if truly the camera adds 10 pounds!”
-Adam Flaczyk, 2011

"I had Adam help me prepare for my auditions. From picking out my rep to helping me prepare mentally. Thanks to Adam I walked in feeling much more confident, and I have been accepted at York University and George Brown acting schools in Toronto. Thanks again Adam Kelly! Woot woot! :)"
-Amy Wallace, 2010

"I hired Adam to coach me for my audition/application for graduate school in London, England. I was impressed with Adam's clear direction and constructive criticism. Working with him helped me make clear decisions about my pieces. I'm happy to say that I was accepted into my program, and I would like thank to Adam for his guidance."
-Stephanie Merulla, 2010

“Being a part of Adam's Class is an extraordinary adventure with people with whom you will make long lasting friendships. Adam gives us the tools to become actors and to learn parts of ourselves yet to be discovered. He creates this warm and supporting atmosphere where students push each other to become better each session. I always looked forward to each class and felt anxious and excited because i knew we were going to learn something new and experience something creative and fun. at the same time, he critiques us in a way to prepare his students for the real world. his teachings have helped me tremendously with my auditions and gave me the confidence to look for work in the acting community. and most important of all, it feels good to have someone be not only a great teacher, but a cool friend, and inspiring artist to look up to. Thanks Adam!”
-Christopher Yoo, 2010

"Having almost completed three I.O. Acting Studio classes with Adam, I can honestly say I lucked out! I discovered that finding evening classes for someone not pursuing an intensive 3-year theatre program was difficult, especially classes given by someone of Adam’s credentials. The techniques he’s taught continue to resonate and ring true in his classes and across other facets of life.
His approach is inspired and stimulating because he’s able to challenge students without making them feel out-of-place and/or out-of-step with others in the class. I’m also a big fan of the small class environment which the courses offer, marking a more intimate, conducive setting, where time and attention are practiced. Above all, the classes are and have been a great time with people of varied experience and skills that don’t remove from, but add to the class experience. Kudos!"
-Angelo Vernucci, 2010

"When I first attended Adam’s acting classes, I was relieved to find a lovely variety of people with all levels of experience. Right from the beginning a safe, non-judgemental learning space was formed. The classes were fun, insightful and while sometimes the advanced classes got a little intense, they still left me excited about what we had learned and I looked forward to the following week. Many of the skills Adam teaches do transfer over to other performance disciplines. As a musician, I found some of the skills I acquired from Adam's classes also improved my violin performance and stage presence in general. As a teacher, Adam is approachable, understanding and encouraging. His willingness to work on each students individual needs and meet them at what ever level they may be at, is a wonderful trait in a teacher and is something I personally really appreciate!"
-Amy Wallace, 2009

"I had the privilege and pleasure of Adam as an acting teacher and mentor in university eight years ago. The lessons are etched in my memory: he creates a friendly, dynamic, eyes-wide-open environment where learning is not only thrilling but exceptionally fruitful and inspirational. I am delighted to see he is doing this kind of one-on-one work and wholeheartedly recommend I.O. Acting Studio."
-Antony Nesling (Toronto), 2008